Tuesday, November 27, 2007


What a great holiday to reflect on how many blessings in our lives we can be thankful for. It is so much fun to gather together with family and enjoy each others company. This year we had dinner with Jake's side and it was a blast. I am so mad, I forgot to bring my camera. Thanks to Robyn and Gary for having the whole family over for dinner and games! We enjoyed a GREAT dinner (with seconds and thirds might I add). After dinner the little kids made Turkeys out of apples, toothpicks and candy. They were adorable! Then we enjoyed a game of Bingo. Later that night we stopped by my parents house to see my family and enjoyed some pie. Jake and I truly have so many blessings in our lives. We are so blessed to have wonderful families, friends and each other. Most of all we are so greatful for Walker and the joyfulness he bring to our lives. - i must add a side note - OF COURSE I WENT SHOPPING ON FRIDAY! I hit the mall with my sisters at Midnight!! The best of all - we all stayed at my moms house and at midnight I went up to tell her goodbye and she said "if there is anything good call me - because I already have my clothes on" She moved the covers and she was in her jeans! ha ha! You gotta love some great shoppers! We hit Mervyns at 4am, Walmart 5am, Target 6 am, and Bath and Body Works at 6 am! What a great day!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Perfect Outfit

My neighbor gave Walker this outfit when he was born. It is so cute!! She was in a little shop in San Francisco and thought of him because his room is decorated in "vintage western" - she thought it would be perfect for him! I really think it is so cute! He is teething - so don't mind the drool all over his shirt - it is standard!

We Love Sugarhouse!

Honestly, we really do love it here. We love fall, the huge trees that line our streets, and the awesome changing colors of the leaves. BUT, once those leaves fall - it is madness! We hate raking leaves! We tried to mow up some of them, but there are so many that the mower just can't handle it - so we put our arms to work raking and bagging! The city drops off bags (well only 10) and then you can put all your bags on the sidewalk and they will come and get them. How nice of them?! Here is the start for us - 28 bags and counting!! Most of our leaves have fallen, but in the back yard our neighbors have huge trees that droop over to our side and those leaves have not fallen yet - so there is more raking to come! AHHHHHH!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

5 Months Old!

I can hardley believe it - Walker is 5 months old today. I remember at 6 weeks just wishing that he was a little bit older and here he is already 5 months! He is such a joy to our lives and makes us laugh all day long. I have noticed over the last week so many changes. One huge one is that he seems to have grown out of the "really young" stage. He is so much easier to take out, put down for naps, smiles all the time at everything, and can entertain himself. He also has found his feet, puts everything in his mouth and drinks from a sippy. I thought for a while there he was getting some teeth, but nothing yet! Here are a few pictures of his new accomplishments! We sure do love our Walkie Talkie! Just chillin' in his walker. He loves to play on his mat with the hanging things.
He eats the bottom of the hot air balloon. That is the only one he likes.

Just getting a drink after eating some dinner!

He eats his fist and feet all day! Isn't he so cute!?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

One last Halloween scare!

ROAR!! He loves these glasses. My mom had them at her house so I put them on him and he laughs and smiles everytime he is wearing them! He is such a cute guy!

And the verdict is...

I LIKE IT! I decided to start Walker on rice cereal today. I was a little nervous, I guess mostly afraid that he would absolutly hate it, but he loved it! His first bite he gave me that half open, rectangle face, but then he was fine. I was thinking about waiting till 6 months, but he has been putting everything his his mouth lately and he chugs his milk. So yahoo to a new food. Poor guy has only had milk.
He likes to eat his toys too!!

UMMMM Mom I love Rice Cereal!