Friday, August 21, 2009

Our Little Walker...

oh man how time flies! I feel like the worst mom because I haven't posted anything about our cute little guy and let me just say he is growing so fast! He LOVES to hold our camera aka "cheese" so his birthday pictures didn't turn out so well with his finger prints on the lense. (no worries our camera is a piecer anyway) So I have been waiting for some from jake's mom...just keep forgetting to get to it. Being pregnant, your mind forgets EVERYTHING!
So here is a little update on Walker
He is now 2 - and loves to throw tantroms! Sometimes I just have to sit back and laugh at him when he is so mad. His train will fall off the track and instead of picking it up and putting it back on he throws the train, throws his hands down and starts crying. It's really lovely!!
He loves popscicles - or as he calls them popcoles. If I let him he would eat one box in a day! Usually he makes me and Jake eat one and we have to be sitting on the porch.
He will only call Jake, Jake. Sometimes we get a "daddy" but most of the time it's "Jake"
When he wakes up from naps he yells from his crib "Mom, I wanna get out"
He loves helping me with the laundry. He loves to put the wet clothes in the dryer and carry up the fresh clean clothes. He hasn't mastered folding yet. He thinks he has...he gets a piece of clothing and shakes it out and then puts it on the couch.
He can count to 10. It is so funny when he counts! I try to video it but the minute he sees the video he wants to hold it.
Laying in bed at night he goes through everyones names in mine and Jake's family. Josh, Becca, Charlie, Jill, BoBo....etc...
He LOVES Kindermusik. Best thing I ever did for him. He always asks to go to class. He loves listening to the Kindermusik CD's and he has favorite songs on the CD. When we get in the car if he dosen't like the song he says "new one" until you find the song he wants. You can always find him randomly singing the songs he learned throughout the day.
He loves the carts at the store that have the car on the front end (thanks to whomever invented those..NOT) Anytime we pull up to a grocery store immediatly he says "i wanna drive" So I finally give in and everytime the cart stops he gets out.
When we drive by the Home Depot he yells "depot" is really funny!
He has to give Jake "bones" every night before he goes to bed.
He loves Nursery. He asks for it durning the week. He calls it "sursery". Whenever he gets his hands on the remote he pushes mute, folds his arms, closes his eyes and pretends he is saying a prayer.
He loves to swing. Sometimes I avoid our backyard just so he won't see the swing and want to spend all day out there:) (rude, i know)
This is how he "listens" to fireworks. SO FUNNY!
We sure do love our little guy and we love to see what he comes up with each day! We are excited to add another little boy to our family - they are going to be such good friends!