Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Time!

"Easter time is the time for eggs, and the time for eggs is Easter time!"
-Grandma Mauss
I don't really know what it means but ever since I met Jake he has said it to me every time Easter comes around. Well I should say you kinda "sing" it. His Grandma Mauss started saying it to him when he was little - so lets carry on the tradition. Easter was fun this year now that Walker is old enough to sorta understand it:) We started off Wednesday with an easter egg hunt at our neighborhood playgroup -but I forgot my camera:) Walker picked up one egg, opened it, ate the candy and called it good! Saturday night we had the Little's over for egg dying, dinner, and the Jazz game.

Dying the eggs. So fun! They kept taking the already dyed eggs and putting them back into new colors. You should have seen their fingers...too funny!

Put them in the bath to clean the mess. These two play so well together! It is so funny to hear Walker say Carmen - it's "carne"

Sunday the Easter Bunny came. Lucky little guy. He also got a microwave (obsessed with it!) but I realized that I kinda didn't want it to feel like a second christmas...I bought too much stuff.

Cute guy getting ready for church. He loves me to spray his hair and the he combs it.

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Easter Egg hunt at the Alder's. Good thing Walker's basket was small - he left with WAY too much candy!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Had a girls night out last night (well 8 gals and one guy:))....So much fun!
Went and saw this....
AND LOVED IT! If you have the chance to go while it is in SLC, you should!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm in L-O-V-E....

with the Pioneer Woman. Who is the Pioneer Woman you ask? Only the BEST recipe holder in the world. Lately I have been on this kick of wanting new recipes. Poor Jake eats the 5 same things each week (i only cook 5 days a week - you gotta keep the resturants in business in these "economic times"). Anywho - my ward started a cooking group and I went last week. It was so much fun! Everyone submitted recipes and then a few of us brought our recipe made so everyone could try it. The host of the activity compiled all the recipes and we all left with about 25 new recipes!! Now back to why I love the Pioneer Woman. Lisa, my cute neighbor who hosted the activity, loves the Pioneer Woman too. She found her website and has made a lot of her recipes. At this cooking activity she made the "Apple Dumplings" desseret. Lets just say it is made with A LOT of butter and cooked in Mountain Dew. HELLO?!? So good! I made them again the other night and still as tasty as ever. Her website is filled with not only recipes, but ideas on photography, gardening, homeschooling, and MUCH MUCH more! Her bio reads that she grew up in the city on a golf course. Went to college LA where she treated herself to pedicures and sushi all the time! She went back home to the midwest to visit, while there she met and fell in love with this cattle rancher guy. She now lives on a full working cattle ranch. Seriously she is great and has TONS of great recipes. The recipe on the main page today was homemade Mac and Cheese. And the best part about all the recipes, she takes pictures of all the ingredients, and takes pictures of each step so you know what it looks like.
Really you should check her out...she is great! Thanks Lisa for the great tip - I check her site EVERYDAY! http://www.thepioneerwoman.com/