Friday, October 22, 2010


Walker has been in Kindermusik since he was 9 months old. This summer we finished our last class. I thought that since Walker was now in preschool I didn't want to clog up his week with too much stuff. It was sad and I am hoping that our teacher does another summer camp next year so we can go back in the summer.

 Carmen was in our class for the last year and a half! These two are besties.
I love watching them is hilarious!

This is our teacher - Miss Marilee. She is the BEST! If you are considering Kindermusik - 100% do it! Walker has grown a love for music and instruments. The CD's they provide are so great and they have some really fun songs on them! Introducing music in a child's life at a young age is so good for them developmentally. I can't wait for Hayes to start in January.

We miss this class so much  and hope to go back sometime soon!!


How does time go by so fast? I can't believe that Walker is starting preschool! He was so excited and even more excited that Luke, Nick, and Carmen are in his class. Miss Denise is so nice and he loves her lots!

First day. The "in front of the door picture"
Here is my backpack mom!

Miss Denise is super nice! Walker loves her so much.

Walker LOVES school. He is doing so well and he loves all his classmates!
Time just needs to slow down - a bit!:)