Monday, March 28, 2011

St George

Oh St George how we love you! We took a little family va-ca in March down to St. George. It was so nice to get out of the nasty Salt Lake weather and get some sun shine down south! We picked a great weekend it was 75 the entire time! We wish my sisters and their families could have joined us - next time gals - but were were excited my mom and dad could make the trip. We did lots of fun stuff!

Because it was so warm...

 we went to the park! I am pretty sure Walker has his hands up and is singing
 "St George is the best place ever" Really is!
 We rode our scooters. Even Hayes wanted in on the action.
 and Hayes found the tissue box. Oopsie...
 We played games with grammy and put together lots of puzzles. Walker LOVES my mom. He talks about her all the time. The other day he asked if she could live with us!
 Boy was he tired! He didn't nap the whole time we were down there. One morning while Hayes was napping,Walker started to cry over something so small so my mom picked him up and he fell asleep in her arms. He NEVER does that!! I guess they say that happens when you are used to a 2 hour nap everyday!
 We got ice cream! YUMMY! Hayes actually did really well with his own kiddie cone.
 My anut and uncle live in St. George so it was so much fun to be able to hang out with them the entire time. I am so mad I didn't get any pictures of all of us! I don't get to see them that much..but we when we do get is a blast! Walker was loving Hannah! We also went to my cousins (super cute 17 year old twin boys) ward basketball game. was INTENSE. I thought I was at a Jazz game! It was a sad overtime loss...but some great basketball was played! It was fun to see Matthew and Clarissa too. Down from Utah State relaxing over their spring break!
 and the ride home...I expected this. It was one fun filled weekend. Shopping, eating out, golfing, riding scooters, getting into HOT cars (my fav), and just being crazy! We weren't even to Cedar yet. Tired couple of kiddos!

and our emergency stop! This was the first time we have "traveled" with Walker being potty trained! Good job buddy. He needed to go instantly so we had to pull over!

Oh St. George how I miss you. I am starting to realize that two HOT HOT months there is way better than 6 FREEZING cold months up here! I could for sure move there!

Happy St Patrick's Day!

You betcha the leprachan came to our house on St Patricks Day!
He forgot to flush the toilet before he left!

He made green pancakes for us to eat for breakfast!

and he even left treats behind!
Walker was excited he left his foot prints so we could find out where his hidden treasure was.
Silly leprachan...all the goods were hiding under the wet bar sink downstairs!

Monday, March 14, 2011

1st Annual K.L Memorial Ski Day

A big thanks to Zach for heading up a great day at Park City Mountain Resort in honor of Grandpa Mauss. Jake's grandpa passed away just over 3 years ago. He loved skiing and was a ski patrolman for Park City Mountain Resort and was also one of the first paid ski patrolman at Alta Ski Resort. All the family gathered together at the Struggler aka the condo and enjoyed a day of skiing, eating and hanging out!

Walker and Cade

Some of the kiddos getting ready to go skiing! Walker was excited!
The skiers
Zach, Justin, Jake, Brad, and Dan.
Josh and Alisha weren't there yet. 

I enjoyed my day at the condo. I decided to stay up there and let Jake take another day to teach Walker how to ski. I had so much fun hanging out with Jill, Darbee, and Ryan and keeping my eyes on some of  the smaller kids. I was also excited for Walker to have another day on the slopes with his dad. It's probably better that I am not there until he gets a little bit better.
Hayes and Alivia
These two just kept each other busy! They play so great together. They are only 5 weeks apart.
After most of the kids were done skiing for the day the deep bath/hot tub was quite exciting!
Time for some R&R. These two were pooped after a day of skiing!
So proud of Walker! He had a great time skiing and even went on the ski lift four times!
He kept saying how much fun he had with all of his cousins!
This is one of the last pictures we had with Laurie. Walker was only one month old.
Jake's memories of Grandpa Laurie are:
-Grandpa had a dog named Kiska. He was an Alaskan Malamute
-Laurie and Dottie volunteered at the Conference Center
-He had a love for golf and skiing
-Jake and Laurie took a trip to Antimony, Utah in the fall of 2001 to help with a "round-up" for Uncle Burns
-Jake really enjoyed Christmas Eve at Grandpa's home. He remembers that Grandpa always had the fire going and he would always sit in front of it. He still loves going there each Christmas Eve
-He had a great whistle
-He loved Caffeine Free Diet Coke aka Soda Water

Hope to see everyone next year - same time, same place!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just having fun...

We LOVE to have our friends over! Walker is such a good friend.
Where is Hayes? Well, most times, in the bathroom. I never had this problem with Walker so I am trying to get used to keeping all the bathroom doors shut. Hayes LOVES the bath. Anytime I turn on the water for the bath he comes crawling in to play in the water. There have even been a few times when I have found his fingers in the toilet. Whoops!
Lunch time is always fun time! Hayes is such a good eater.
Walker will eat anything as along as he has "sauce"...we range from Ranch, Ketchup and today sour cream with his taquitos!
A couple of days ago the weather was SUPER nice! (yay for Spring) So we headed to our back yard to enjoy our new swing set. We bought it in October, but by the time we had it painted and a new roof built for it the weather was too cold to play on it. Walker has been asking to play on it all Winter!
It is so nice to be outside! I can't wait until the weather gets warmer and stays warm! My boys are growing so fast and I am loving their ages right now. Hayes is on the brink of walking and I am really excited! Walker is loving school and can't wait to go each day!