Sunday, April 27, 2008

We {heart} the Jazz!!

My dad, Jake and I If you don't already know - it's true - we LOVE the Utah Jazz!! We catch every preseason, regular season and playoff game! We were lucky enough to attend Saturday's playoff game with most of my family. It was so much fun! I have been to a lot of playoff games in the past and I don't think I have ever heard the crowd as loud as I did last night. It was crazy! Before we went to the game I told Jake I wanted to get a D-Will jersey and his reaction was "are you serious?" So I told him that I would just wear my Bryon Russell jersey (yeah #3) and he was not going to let that happen! So lo and behold - I got my jersey and I LOVE IT! D-Will is the best point guard in the league! He can take CP3 to school any day! I wear it with PRIDE!:) We had a great time at the game and hope to go to many more. I have to wonder - what the heck is up with Boozer - drive to the basket buddy!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

It's FINALLY here and our "controlled burn"

Proudly hanging our Masters Flag It is officially here. Jake has been waiting since April 9 the day after Zach Johnson won it last year. He talks about it all year long and even started a business with his dad and brother - Amen Corner Partners. In the last few weeks everytime the commercial comes on he is silent (and everyone around him needs to be too). He recorded the commercial on his cell phone and had the "theme music" as his ring. Yes it is true, THE MASTERS are finally here!! Most of you know Jake is crazy about golf and this is by far his favorite five days of the year! Starting with the Par 3 round and then to the 4 rounds at Augusta! Thanks to his brother Justin (who is just as Masters crazy - if not more) Jake was able to go to Augusta with his dad, brothers and brother-in-law and see the Masters in person. He got some good pictures of Tiger, Phil and the course. Everyday I called him he "was in golf heaven" and loved every moment of it. He brought back lots of memorabilia, posters, cups, tees, shirts, and a flag. We proudly display our flag outside.
Here are some pictures from the Masters
Justin and Jake on Amen Corner Tiger Woods Hole #18 at Augusta
Now to the controlled burn. So when we were going to put up our Masters flag we had to take down our American flag. It was hammered! It has holes and rips from being outside in the wind all year. We new we had to destroy it so Jake found the "proper" way to destroy an American flag. They said the best way was to burn it or take it to a flag store and they can burn it for you. Of course, Jake wanted to burn it himself. SO he went to the fire pit in our backyard and Walker and I watched him burn the flag. Jake was pretty proud of his scouting skills in starting the fire and he ended up burning some dead bushes that were in the backyard.
Jake with the flag
Jake burning the flag in out backyard

Friday, April 4, 2008

A few pics...

I have taken a few really cute pictures this last week.
We were getting ready for church on Sunday and I was deciding what Walker should wear and I totally forgot that he had this dress shirt that came with a tie. I really think it might be the cutest thing he has ever worn. He looks so old! By far, one of my favorite pictures!

One handsome guy! Look how skinny his legs are! Hilarous. I know I am bias, but come on he is one cute guy!Jake went skiing with his dad, brother, and sister so I was lucky enough to watch Luke and Walker. They were so much fun. They are only 6 weeks apart and they were playing so well together! I tried to get a better picture, but they would smile and the minute I held up the camera they were like "huh?" Muranda walked over to my house the other day in this awesome wagon. It has straps to buckle the kiddos in and even cup holders. Ashton is so funny, he will take a drink then put his sippy back in the cup holder. These two have a lot of fun together. I am so glad Muranda lives so close!

They decided to come in for a minute and hang out! Great photo op!

Walker is getting so big I can't believe it! Everyday when I go get him up it seems like he has grown so much over night! We love him to death and love watching him grow!