Tuesday, March 24, 2009

he is growing up so much...

Wow where have we been - busy, busy, busy. The last few months we have had so much going on at our house. We decided to finish our basement...well the one room that wasn't complete. That has taken up our lives for the last few months...more to come on that. Besides the basement project Jake has been busy with work and the Young Men. I have been busy with processing loans, working a couple nights at the pediatric office, my Relief Society calling, Enrichment activities, and keeping up with Walker. He is getting so big! He is talking so much and wants to be outside all the time. We are so lucky to live in such a great neighborhood where there are so many kids his age. He loves to play with his friends. My neighborhood does a playgroup every Wednesday and it is so much fun! I really love taking Walker out to fun places to explore and see his reaction. He is in Kindermusik and he loves it. He sings the songs all day and has me do the actions with him. Here are a few pictures of some recent activities.
Walker and Colter at the Dinosaur Museum. Walker loved it there...he couldn't get enough of the "sores" What a great place this is!
still at the museum...playing on the dinosaur scale
Walker and our neighbor Shiloh. He love Shiloh or as he says "shisho"
Walker and Carmen playing around. He loves her too - he calls her "carnen"

Playing at Disovery Gateway. That water table and the balls section are GREAT! i love that place! We went there with some friends and he loved it.