Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Hayes is hilarious! Everytime I put the camera up to take a picture this is the "cheese" face he gives me...while he is YELLING "cheese". He is growing up so fast! I just can't get enough of his cute face!

Summer FUN!

I am dying that summer is already coming to an end! We had such a great summer!

 We enjoyed time at the Church History Museum. It is small, but really fun. The kids loved it!

 Walker and Jack really loved the dancing part.
 Walker loves music! He was loving wearing the headphones and checking out all the sounds.
 Every Monday night we would head up the canyon for some tin foil dinners and smores. Walker and Hayes really looked forward to it each week! 
 Walker and Bowen - best friends and super silly!

 climbing all the rocks up the canyon! They had such a great time!
 Walker played in a summer tee ball league with lots of friends! Luke, Bowen, Ellie Mauss and Avery Smith. Uncle Justin was the coach!
The boys LOVED the farm at Thanksgiving Point. They couldn't get enough of feeding the goats and riding the pony's. We had such a great time! We really need to get back there!

We went on a wagon ride too!
It was so much fun that Hayes could get in on all the action. He and Walker are best of friends! I am loving their ages right now. Hayes follows everything Walker does.

4th Of July

Celebrating the 4th of July is always so much fun! We love being able to watch the fireworks that Sugarhouse Park lets off right from our back yard! We had lots of family and friends join us!

Earlier that evening we did a few of our own fireworks. Hayes was loving them!

 Walker however, was not. Can you see him in the corner of the window? He stayed inside most of the time. Then Grammy Mare saved him and they made it out to the porch!

 That morning we had a really fun bike parade in our neighborhood! Walker loved decorating he new bike and following the crowd around the block. My cute neighbor handed out homemade ice cream bars! It was a blast! I can't believe how many kids we have in our neighborhood!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Swimming Lessons - Part One

Oh man I was NERVOUS for this time of year to come. I can count on one had how many times Walker has been in a pool when we have gone swimming! He just dosen't like the water. Now that Hayes is running all over the place I just had to make sure Walker was able to be ok in the water.
We put him in a 2 week semi-private lesson. He struggled the first 3 days. The funny thing is he would cry but the minute I would walk out of his sight - he was volunteering to go first every time the teacher would ask. Carmen is his best buddy and they did great swimming togther.

 Don't you love Carmen's goggles...SO CUTE!

 Miss. Rochelle was great! Highly recommend her! He was really shy at first but by the second week
he was swimming under water to her, floating on his back without the teachers help, and jumping
off the side of the pool.

I am just trying to keep this guy in my sight. He is all over the place! I forgot how busy they are at this age - exploring everything! He was a trooper to come and sit for 30 minutes and watch Walker swim.

I am happy to report that we went swimming last weekend in Park City with my family - Walker was the first one in the pool and he played for a long time! He kept showing us all his new swimming moves. Good work buddy! Next session starts next week!

Happy Birthday Walker

We had such a fun time planning Walker's "first official friend birthday party" He wanted to do a Pirate theme - he loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates. ( I am sure we have all seen the show:)) He had a list of 16 kids - well I had to cut it down to 16 - wowsers!! It was time to put my semi-crafty skills to good use!

We decided to do a message in a bottle as the invite. Empty water bottles - check! The invite inside was super cute - it was a message telling the kids where to come. We burned the edges to make it look like a real treasure map. Props to Jake for doing that!

A super HUGE thanks to many friends around the valley for letting me steal your Huggies wipes cases! I painted them brown and added each childs name on top hoping they would look like treasure chest boxes.

 I think they turned out pretty cute! It was a lot of work - but well worth it in the end! Each child decorated their own box and took it home with goodies inside!
 Super cute kiddos decorating their boxes with Pirate stickers!
The kids really loved them. I had lots of moms tell me that their child carried
 that thing around for at least a week!

 We did tattoo's, wore pirate hats, eye patches and had skeleton whistles. For our game we "walked the plank" We set up a kids swimming pool filled with water and had a board over the top that you could walk on. The water was filled with creatures and sharks! AHHH!

 Walker got lots of great presents! He was so excited.
 Our cake was SO cute! I wanted to make my own - but man I ran right out of time! Appreciate Walmart and their cupcake cakes!

 We also had a pinata - the kids LOVED IT! I was sad that the treasure chest box was sold out - so I had to go with this pirate guy. He looks kinda creepy. But it did the job. We filled it with treats, gold coins, and fun treasures.

 And she broke. Mad dash for the candy!  Finally hitter #16 broke it!
 ARRRRR! The kids had such a great time and Walker loved having them over. He keeps asking if he can have another party with all his friends. Maybe next year buddy - mommy needs a rest!
We gave Walker a "big boy" bike for his birthday. He loves to ride it! He still loves his orange Kettler tricycle but he is "letting Hayes borrow it until he gets bigger" Thanks for sharing buddy!
I would also like to thank my cute friend Lindy...she brought a Diet Coke to me while I was hosting the party. Something every gal needs after 16 crazy kids!
Boondocks, you are on next year for planning the 5th Birthday Party!:)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's better without clothes...

The other day when it was nice Walker was so excited to get his sink out and play in the water.
So we busted it out. They had the best time!

After a while they came up front looking like this. "Mom we got all wet"
Walker had his underwear on and had put his sock and shoes back on.  They played
outside almost the rest of the day like this. Walker kept telling me how much fun it was to play
outside in his underwear!

They are so cute! I LOVE that they are playing together so well. Walker is always asking for Hayes and Hayes is always following Walker around.
I love this little guy! He is getting so big.