Sunday, July 3, 2011

Swimming Lessons - Part One

Oh man I was NERVOUS for this time of year to come. I can count on one had how many times Walker has been in a pool when we have gone swimming! He just dosen't like the water. Now that Hayes is running all over the place I just had to make sure Walker was able to be ok in the water.
We put him in a 2 week semi-private lesson. He struggled the first 3 days. The funny thing is he would cry but the minute I would walk out of his sight - he was volunteering to go first every time the teacher would ask. Carmen is his best buddy and they did great swimming togther.

 Don't you love Carmen's goggles...SO CUTE!

 Miss. Rochelle was great! Highly recommend her! He was really shy at first but by the second week
he was swimming under water to her, floating on his back without the teachers help, and jumping
off the side of the pool.

I am just trying to keep this guy in my sight. He is all over the place! I forgot how busy they are at this age - exploring everything! He was a trooper to come and sit for 30 minutes and watch Walker swim.

I am happy to report that we went swimming last weekend in Park City with my family - Walker was the first one in the pool and he played for a long time! He kept showing us all his new swimming moves. Good work buddy! Next session starts next week!

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Ben and Heidi said...

That is so great! Swimming lessons are the best thing ever