Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What we have been up to...

Well - I finally found my camera cord to upload pictures - so I can finally do a post. We have had a fun couple of days around our house.
#1 - WALKER IS WALKING! finally. The past few days he has been trying so hard to be steady and not fall, but with our hardwood floors it is quite a challenging task. BUT he has finally mastered it. He is "prefering" to walk now. He will fall down and then stand up again and start walking. When he wants to get somewhere fast he crawls, but I am trying to put a stop to that.

I had this shopping cart downstairs that I forgot about - so I opened it and he loves it!

Here he is - such a big boy! #2 - The leaves are falling! That is right - the leaves are falling and we have to rake them up. Thank you Salt Lake County for bringing us bags. Great program they have going - they drop off bags and in a week come and pick them up. Last night we started filling a few bags and Walker was loving it. He wanted to help the entire time. He would take a handful of leaves and put them into the bag. It was really cute. We have also been enjoying the leaves on the ground. Walker loves playing in them and sitting outside watching them fall. Somedays it is like it is raining leaves. I love it!

I have to laugh at this picture - totally his personality.

Here he is helping mom and dad!

#3 - We have been to the see the Witches at Gardner Village! I love that place! What a fun place for the kids:) The first time we went was with Debby and Kim and their kids. It was such a fun day. Although we didn't get a ton of pictures - it was fun to see the kids get so excited about all the pumpkins and witches. p.s they have the BEST pumpkins out there!! Does anyone know if you can buy them?

Then we went again with my mom and sisters. It was a busy day there but we did everything we wanted. Walker rode on a tiny pony, went to the petting zoo, and ate lunch at Archibalds! I am so glad he has cousins around his same age. They play so well together and have so much fun on outings!

Walker and Colter - hanging out by the witches

Riding the pony at Gardner Village. Who knew they had this whole other fun section of animals!

Me, Whitney, Walker, Boston, and Ashton.

Walker LOVED this goat. He wouldn't leave him alone. If you can tell the picture is blurry on his hands because he was smacking the goat. Poor goat - he just sat there. I love the fall time and being outside when it isn't 100+ degrees!

Well we have had a busy few days - but we are so excited for Halloween and the beginning of the Jazz season!!! YAHOO!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

St. George Marathon

We headed down to St. George this last weekend for our "annual marathon trip." For however many years someone in Jake's family has run the marathon. Jake, his sister, and brother-in-law didn't get in this year, but his older brother Justin did. We were so excited to see him run:) Saturday came - and it rained all day. Only the 2nd time it has rained on marathon day in 32 years. We headed up to the usual "mile 16" with Jill, Jackson, Bowen, and Jill's sister Alison to cheer on the runners. It was pouring rain - but it was fun. Justin ran with one of his young men from his ward and they looked great at mile 16. We also saw Jake's cousin Zack running and our two neighbors, Brooke and Tiffani. After we saw them we rushed down to the finish line so we wouldn't miss them (of course after I had to direct traffic - it is a one lane road and the workers were sending cars up the road to park - HELLO we need to get down to the finish line. I got out of the car and arms and all directed traffic - quite hilarious!) We made it in time to see everyone finish! I always get emotional at the finish line - it is such a great accomplishment for all of these runners. Months of training and menal toughness - they are amazing. Jake jumped in at mile 22 to run in his brother. He usually does that if he didn't run the race.
Overall, it was rainy, Walker now has a cold, but we enjoyed the weekend. Good Job to everyone who ran the race - you are amazing! Yeah maybe I will run it next year - NOT. Thanks Justy and Jill for sharing a condo with us. Good times had by all! The funniest part - 4 year old Jackson calling me from Jill's cell phone on the way down asking me if I really like the Utes. He still can't get over it. He is the #1 Cougar fan - and is so concerned that people like the Utes. He is the cutest guy around!

Walker and Jake at this really cute farm in St. George. We took the kids here to play. They have slides, animals, train rides, and all sorts of fun stuff. Walker loved it!

Walker at mile 16. I tried so hard to keep him dry - but he was all over the place.

Jill, Bowen, Walker, and I at the finish line.

We had to get a picture of us - we were so wet and cold.

Seriously our strollers were dripping wet!

Bowen and Walker playing in the shower at the condo.