Saturday, December 22, 2007

Our First Santa Visit!

My little boy - he loves Santa! On Friday, all of the grandkids on Jakes side met at the mall to get a picture with Santa. I was excited for Walkers first visit. You always hope that they don't cry - then you feel so bad. Well, he did so great! In years past, most of the grandkids have been excited in line and the minute you put them on his lap - they are crying. This year everyone did so Great!!! We love Santa - there are plenty more visits to come!
back row: Jackson (3) Annie (almost 4)
front row: (left to right) Bowen (almost 1), Luke (8 months), Walker (6 months), Charlie (4) and William (18 months)
Cute Family We Have!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Our boy is growing up!!

Walker is now six months - I can't believe it! He is getting so big and is growing so fast! He sits up now; well for like 5 minutes then he gets tired and falls over:) But he is doing a great job. He loves being in his walker - he hardley sits in it - he would prefer to stand in it instead! He is so tickleish and he has the most contageous laugh. He is eating baby food and loving it! We just love him so much and are so glad he is our little boy! He always gives us this stare with his mouth open - What a handsome guy!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Elf Yourself!!!

Don't we all wish we could be an elf at one time - well now you can be one!! This is SO hilarious!! My little sister sent it to me with her family as the elfs - SO FUNNY! Clike on the link below - and enjoy!! I really can't stop laughing at it!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Drumroll Please - JOY TO THE WORLD!

Not that we are anywhere as bad as the Griswolds, but the lights are up!! I think they turned out really cute this year! The lights around the columns are red and white rope lights - but you can't really tell unless you are up close - but I wanted them to look like candy canes. I just love Christmas time and decorating the house!
I LOVE a great Christmas Tree. Our house is so small we can only go for a small tree, but I love a tree no matter the size! I don't have a star for the top just yet, but I am working on it! I love turning on the tree lights and then turning out the main lights and letting the tree light the room. I also love having the lights on all day while I am home!

"Stars Were Gleaming"

WARNING: so I am not the best writer, but I had a lot on my mind about my ward so this might be a little random!:) Sorry. I think it is important to have a good ward to attend every sunday, but in order to have a good ward, I think you have to contribute too. Our first ward in Holladay was so easy to go and visit with people because we knew some of the members before we even moved in. Jake and I also had callings that allowed us to be involved. I was coaching the young womens sports teams and Jake was over the scouts. When we moved to our home in Sugarhouse we were excited to attend church because the seller of our home kept telling us how great the ward was - and let me tell you he was right! I think one misconception of Sugarhouse is that everyone is "old." So I felt like others thought it was going to be hard to enjoy an "old" ward. Don't get me wrong there are old people, but I was pleasantly suprised to see such a variety of all ages - newlyweds to widows. I honestly feel that the best thing about our ward is the variety of ages. I feel like I have the older members to learn from and look up to, the middle aged members to relate to, and the younger age to spend time with outside of church. I bring this up because I attended our enrichment night last week and it was SO great. I am on the committee and I was excited to help plan the Christmas Dinner. We decided to do salad, soup and dessert. We also decided on a program - a live nativity. One of the committee members found a story in an old Friend magazine that followed the nativity. We decided to have our children play the parts and as each scripture or story was read each part of the nativity would come into it's place. I was SO excited when I was told that Walker would play the part of Baby Jesus. Our theme was "Stars Were Gleaming." The night turned out to be a success with singing from various groups, the mingling of the members, the great dinner, and most of all the nativity. We had all the children dressed up as Joseph, Mary, shepherds, angels and baby Jesus. As each part was read tears would fill my eyes as the children would sit in front of the audience and fill their part of the nativity. I made Walker a "manger". I took his bouncer, bought white fabric and (thanks to Muranda) I took her hula skirt and cut it up to make the hay. When it was Walker's turn to come out everyone in the audience sighed and many of the women started crying. It really brought the spirit into the room. ( I was so nervous because it was WAY past Walkers bedtime and I thought he was going to cry the whole time, but he didn't. For a half an hour he just sat in his bouncer and didn't make a peep!) After the dinner and program we all stayed to mingle and I just love how I was able to talk to everyone, young and old, and learn from them their experiences, life lessons, and hear of their testimonys of Jesus and his birth. It was great that Walker could play the part of Jesus and help bring the spirit into the room that evening. Above his bouncer was a sparking star - that was gleaming the entire time. We had a record turn out, and I think that everyone enjoyed themselves. Each time I attend a ward activity I am reminded of how lucky Jake and I are to live where we do and be able to attend such a great ward. I love that we have callings that we can fullfill and take a part in making this such a great ward. I remember first attending the ward and not going to enrichment nights or other activities that were being held - and I truly regret that. There is no way that I can stand back and let the ward come to me. I need to do my part as well - i think that we all do. I am so grateful that we do have young people in this ward that Jake and I have become very good friends with. I am grateful for the older people and families who even though the homes are small, vow never to move because they love it here so much. We have one family in our ward that has lived here well over 30 years and now all their kids are grown and every child has moved back into the ward with their family. Sugarhouse really is a great place to live. I am sure that if we all do our part, everyone can make their ward the best!
Our very own baby Jesus!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

All I Want For Christmas...

IS MY TWO FRONT TEETH! Walkers teeth finally broke through. About 3 weeks ago we noticed that one of his bottom front teeth was coming through - he was drooling SO much so we were glad to see it there. A few days later he was really crabby and didn't sleep well and then we noticed that another tooth was on its way! Well, that one finally broke through a few days ago! I tried to get a picture but it was really hard. I think he knows his teeth are there because he bites down on everthing - even moms fingers! OUCH! He is growing so fast. I can't believe he is already getting teeth. He is such a great little guy and we love him to death!

It's really blurry, but they are there!!

He is getting so big! Don't you just love his Christmas socks??!!