Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bag Tag

I was bag tagged! (thanks, Debby!)
Here are the rules:
1. Take a picture of your bag
2. Show a picture of ALL the contents in your bag and then name them NO CLEANING OUT FIRST!!!!
3. "Bag Tag" five to ten people
4. Leave a comment on their blog that says "You've Been Bag Tagged!"
As I was taking everything out of my bag - it was a sad realization that I still carry a diaper bag. I miss my purses!! Here it is -
Just your standard backpack. I wanted this sweet diaper bag that was SOOO cute, but it was WAY out of my price range so I went with this cute Dakine bag that I foundin Haleva, HI.

Ok here is the list - book and toys for Walker, mints, lotion, Walker's toothbrush (what is that doing in there??), feminine products, wallet (always a must), lip liner (there it is!!!), treats for Walker and occasionally myself, diapers, lotion, wipes, zip lock of coupons, mini calendar, check book, journal, Walker's medicines, ooo Target gift card, and last but for sure not least - Jazz schedule (always need one handy!!) Oh yeah and sanitizer hooked on the bag! Suprisingly there weren't any crumbs - but there is an apple juice stain on the inside:)

I think it might be time for me to ditch the diaper bag and bring back the purse!! Yippie!

ok I tag: Kim, Whitney, Muranda, Tori, and Jill.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We had a great Easter this year. It started on Saturday dying eggs with Walker. He didn't know what was going on - so we only got 7 eggs done and then headed to Dan and Mare's for an Easter egg hunt. We look forward to that every year. Even though Walker dosen't understand it was still fun to see all grandkids hunting for eggs. Sunday we woke up and the Easter Bunny came! I tried to get a picture with Walker and his basket - but it never worked out! So we got him in his Easter outfit and enjoyed church and remembering the Resurrection and then had dinner at my Grandma's house. My mom set up an Easter egg hunt for Boston and he loved it! He was so excited about every egg he found. What a great holiday to gather as family and be so greatful for what we have! While putting together my visiting teacher treats for the month I found a great scripture "He is not here; for he is risen" Matthew 28:6 Although a short one, a very powerful one! Easter Eggs we dyed:) Turned out pretty cute!
Walker's Easter basket:) Lucky guy - got all the good treats:)
Boston hunting for egg

Jackson showing me all the eggs he got at grandmas house.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We were LuCkY at our house this morning - the Leprachans came! Walker set out a cute box that we had painted and decorated and the Leprachans left him gold coins, candy and a really cute wiggly headband! He wasn't too sure what was going on - but I know he liked the headband. He wore it all morning!! We celebrated St. Patrick's day last night with my family. My mom made cornbeef and cabbage. YuMmY! I always look forward to that each year! Thanks mom!
Hope everyone had a great day. I hope you wore your green and didn't get pinched!!

Here he was this morning - loving his box and treats!!

Full of great treats - for Mom and Dad too eat! YUMMY!!

Thanks Beccca for the great idea!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

9 Months Old!!

I can hardly believe our little guy is 9 months old!! Time flies!! We went to the doctor today and here are his stats:
Weight: 17lb 6 oz - he is in the 10% for his weight
Height: 28 1/2 inches - he is in the 50% for his height
Head: HUGE - he is in the 80% for his head! He has a big noggin!!
The doctor told us to include foods in his diet that are high in calories so he will gain weight! Just like his dad - tall and skinny!! He is growing so fast and learning so many new things. In the last week he has learned how to do "so big" and clap his hands. He is getting two more teeth -that makes 6 teeth!! He is so much fun. I am so glad it is getting warm outside, he loves to go on walks and it makes his day to be outside!! We had some pictures done at JC Penney a few weeks ago - just to get a few quick shots. I think they turned out so great! I love the first picture - it looks like a school picture!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Birthday - In Sunny St. George

It was Jake's birthday last week and all he wanted was to play golf. So we decided to pack up and take the family down to St. George. My family came along with us - guys for golfing and gals for shopping! We decided to rent a house so we could all be in the same place and found a great one on Green Springs Golf Course. It was so much fun to sit on the back patio and watch the golfers as they came by. The weather was in the mid 70's - yes mid 70's. SO NICE! Jake got a sun tan from being outside all day! It sure was nice to get away from the cold weather in Salt Lake. I am ready for summer! We celebrated Jakes birthday on Saturday at dinner and some ping pong games at my cousins home. We really enjoyed the weather and being with the family. St George is such a fun getaway - and it's only 4 hours away!! Happy Birthday to the best husband in the world! Thanks for all you do for us! I hope you had a great time golfing:) Here are some pictures of the weekend. Walker and "T-Pa" hanging out in the morning. The standard for Walker - sitting in his walker on the back patio watching te golfers. He loves the outdoors! Whitney and Morgan soaking up the rays! It was so nice to feel the warm sun! Jake, Boston and Marc hanging out on the back patio. Boston got his pump for his diabetes on Thursday. He is such a good kid. What 2 year old do you know that can wear this pump around his waist 24/7 and not touch it or rip it off? He is a trooper. He has started saying everyone's names and Grandma and Grandpa are the best - "nema" and "t-pa". Oh I just love him so much!