Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just been hanging around...

These two sure are cute! Walker LOVES Hayes! He is always concerned where he is and what he is doing. He always wants to give hugs and sit by him. He will come and tell me "mom, I just gave Hayes loves." Thanks buddy! At times he gets a little jealous and thinks he is the baby still. He constantly sits in the bumbo seat. He also likes to sit in the bouncer. We have been enjoying the slightly warmer weather. Walker loves to mow the lawn. He gets up in the morning and won't get dressed. So he just plays outside in his jammies! (don't mind the pink mower, it was a gift:)) Standing in the old ironing board slot. He thinks it is funny. We mowed our lawn and got a new front door. I love this time of year for our yard because the Magnolia tree in the front only blooms for one week. It is such a beautiful tree!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Good Times!

I have been so lucky this past week. I was invited to go to games 4 and 6 of Jazz vs Nuggest. I seriously have the best neighbors. I guess they know how much I really love the Jazz. Jake and I went to the Sunday game (sinners:)) with our neighbor Corey. Thanks Lynley for watching Walker! We were in a suite so we just brought Hayes with us:) He did great...slept, ate, and enjoyed the game! Thanks Corey for thinking of us:)
Then my other neighbor, Lindsey, invited me for a girls night out at the Jazz game. HELLO - best GNO EVER! (thanks Jon for giving up your seat!) Thanks to her parents for some great seats. We had a great time. We made two signs and our "In Your Fes" sign made it on the Jumbotran! Thanks again Lindsey! So much fun! Left the game with a scratchy voice but we got the win so yahoo!! Now, if they can just beat the Lakers! Ugh!