Monday, May 3, 2010

Good Times!

I have been so lucky this past week. I was invited to go to games 4 and 6 of Jazz vs Nuggest. I seriously have the best neighbors. I guess they know how much I really love the Jazz. Jake and I went to the Sunday game (sinners:)) with our neighbor Corey. Thanks Lynley for watching Walker! We were in a suite so we just brought Hayes with us:) He did great...slept, ate, and enjoyed the game! Thanks Corey for thinking of us:)
Then my other neighbor, Lindsey, invited me for a girls night out at the Jazz game. HELLO - best GNO EVER! (thanks Jon for giving up your seat!) Thanks to her parents for some great seats. We had a great time. We made two signs and our "In Your Fes" sign made it on the Jumbotran! Thanks again Lindsey! So much fun! Left the game with a scratchy voice but we got the win so yahoo!! Now, if they can just beat the Lakers! Ugh!


The Young Family said...

SO JEALOUS! And your seats look right on the court! LUCKY YOU!!!

{littlefam} said...

that is the most hideous picture of me, but it was too good of a game not to document our attendance. good times indeed. thanks for the red mango that night too - no game is complete without red mango.