Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Time

"Easter time is the time for eggs and the time for eggs is Easter time!"

Jake's grandma has sang this little song for - ever! We taught it to Walker this year and he was loving it. He would sing it all the time! Easter was a crazy couple of days around here. We started off dying eggs at Megan's house (forgot my camera) and that was lots of fun! We went to the Easter egg hunt at Cactus and Tropicals on Saturday - Walker loved it. He got his stash of eggs and a temporary tattoo and he was excited to go home and show his dad! The next two days were filled with family and egg hunts!

Finding eggs at Cactus and Tropicals

 Found lots of eggs. He was so excited!

 Walker and Ashton - proud of their tattoo's!

 Checking out what the Easter Bunny brought!

 Searching for the hidden eggs. He found a few and then was done. I think he was all "hunted" out:)
 Ashton, Walker and Boston. So excited for their Easter basket from Grammy Michelle and Papa Mike
 Walker grandkids minus Beckham

 Typical Hayes. He would find a few eggs...sit down and eat all the candy!
That kids had enough jelly beans to feed an army!

 Walker and Jack
 Mauss grandkids - ready for the hunt

 Eating the candy again!!
Walker and Bowen

We had a fun filled, eventful weekend! My kids have enough candy for the rest of the year! Bad news for me...I am sure I will give in and eat plenty of it myself!


We put Walker in an indoor soccer league with his buddies Nick, Bowen and Luke. We had 8 games...he cried for the first 6. He didn't want to run around and get the ball from all the other kids. He wanted to be the only one kicking it. I just had to keep reminding myself he is only 3:) We then realized that he enjoyed being he did great the last two games! The ball came to him, he picked it up, and threw it to his teammates! Thanks to Megan for being the coach! Good Times! Bring on Tee Ball!

 Goalie Walker
 Trophy...MVP (of tears that is)
Nick, Bowen and Walker
Treat time was the best time!

Monday, April 4, 2011

And he's off...

Hayes is walking! It is so crazy. These last few months Hayes has really grown up. He has been walking now for about 3 weeks, but just the last week or so he has been walking all over instead of taking a few steps then crawling to his destination. I love when they first learn how to walk and they look like a zombie. Arms out and straight legs.

Nice work buddy - we are so proud of you. But can you stop getting so big so fast!?!