Sunday, January 30, 2011

smart little guy...

 The other day I came up stairs from doing laundry and Walker was sitting at the island putting together his Toy Story 3 puzzle. Jake and I have done it with him a few times but this was the first time he wanted to do it by himself. It's a 100 piece puzzle!!
 FINISHED! I helped him with maybe 20 pieces, but he did the rest all by himself! Nice work buddy!!
 Finished product!
Oh and don't worry about this guy. The minute the fridge opens he is climbing in it. He can't get enough of it! The other day I found 3 balls in the cheese drawer!!


We were just getting used to the idea that Hayes was one...and now we have a Sunbeam?
His first day he got this super cute crown and a necklace name tag.

just a side note - Walker is so funny lately.
Walker - " Excuse me, Mom?"
Me - "Yeah, bud what?"
Walker - "Umm, I am going to need tape and some paper. I need to make stuff for my friends"
Me - "Ok"

Here is what I came upstairs to. Papers with drawings on them taped to the wall. He was listing all his friends names saying "This one is for..."
I tried to take it down and he didn't want me too. It stayed up there for about 2 days.

Happy Birthday HAYES!

Hayes "DIGS" being ONE!
(that was our theme)

 Ready to open his presents!
 Good thing we had lots of cousins to help! It would have taken us all night without them!

 He grabbed the cake before we were ready to sing! Just like his mom, loves sugar!
 Digging into the smash cake.

This is the "official" cake. I am loving the cupcake cakes from Walmart! So much easier than cutting a cake, just pull a cupcake out - no mess!

We had such a great time celebrating his birthday! Thanks to everyone who came to help us. Hayes is loving all of his new toys! Hayes is my little buddy and I am so happy that he is such a good boy. I really feel blessed to say that he is mine:)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hayes 1 year pictures

How is Hayes already ONE?!? I feel like all of last year was a blur! He is getting so big! Kim and Tim came over and snapped a few shots - and they did a great job!

 The attempt of a sibling picture - Hayes was having none of that!
 Quick family photo op!
 LOVE this one of Walker!

Hayes you are an angel - and mommy thanks you so much for that! You make my life so easy:) We love you buddy, but please stop getting so big so fast!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our First Snowman

Walker was loving the first snow storm we had a few weeks ago. The first thing he said when he woke up to all the snow was "We have to go make a snowman" we did! Well Jake and Walker did. He first helped dad shovel and then he was so excited when he came in and asked me for eyes, nose and a mouth. Oreo eyes, celery nose, and red hard candy mouth. Once the snowman was completed, he wouldn't stand by it.

Hayes and I just stayed inside and enjoyed the warmth!:)

Temple Square

When I was young we would go to Temple Square every December as a family to enjoy the Christmas lights. If you know Walker, he is OBSESSED with Christmas lights. So - we went down. We had a great time and Walker loved it! As Walker and Hayes get older, I am realizing how much I want to have my own traditions.

Christmas 2010

I really can't believe that Christmas has come and gone and we are now starting 2011. We had such a great Christmas. It was so much fun to see the kids so excited for Santa.

 Walker at the Linebaugh Christmas Party - he was singing the whole time Santa was handing out gifts!
 Hayes did not like Santa. This is totally not his personality. I was shocked he was crying.
 "Mom, I just want Santa to drop off toys and leave, I don't want him to stay"

 Walker's bubble train. He was so excited for Santa to bring him a bubble train.

 My two boys!
 Hayes loves his ride on toy!
 Walker grandkids

We had a crazy month and honestly, I am glad it is over:) I am really going to try and update my blog more often.