Sunday, January 30, 2011

smart little guy...

 The other day I came up stairs from doing laundry and Walker was sitting at the island putting together his Toy Story 3 puzzle. Jake and I have done it with him a few times but this was the first time he wanted to do it by himself. It's a 100 piece puzzle!!
 FINISHED! I helped him with maybe 20 pieces, but he did the rest all by himself! Nice work buddy!!
 Finished product!
Oh and don't worry about this guy. The minute the fridge opens he is climbing in it. He can't get enough of it! The other day I found 3 balls in the cheese drawer!!

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The Young Family said...

So cool he did it by himself! Isn't it great that puzzles can keep them occupied for a good little while!?! And I can't believe how big Hayes is, he's totally standing! What a cutie!