Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mama Vacation

I had a great opportunity to head down to sunny St. George last weekend with a few gals from my ward. A well needed vacation!! It was so much fun! Pedicures, massages, shopping, eating, laying out, a show at the Tuachan,and sleeping in:) Thanks gals for a great time and thanks Lynley for the place to stay!
Our attempt to attend the temple. It was closed. This is the 3rd time this has happened to me when I go out of town. You would think I would learn to call ahead. Oh well...blessings for trying right?
At the Tuachan. We saw Aida. I LOVED IT!!
After the show. We all had a crush on the guy in the red jacket. He was one of the main characters.
Eating dinner in Vegas. We spent a few hours shopping and eating!
Lynley, Lisa, Me, and Lindsey
(good thing they let me come even though my name dosen't start with an "L") Just call me Leylor.

Hanging out in Vegas! Good times gals! Thanks to our hubby's to took care of the kiddos while we were gone!