Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Prince Walker

Walker went to his first official birthday party. It was a "princess" party for our neighbor Caroline. He went as a prince! Thanks to my mom for making the cute cloak/cape! It was fun to get him dressed up and he had a great time at the party. He keeps telling me "I am going to have a party for my birthday in June."

Hayes' Blessing

We had the great opportunity to bless Hayes on Sunday. Jake did such a great job! I am glad I don't have the responsibility to do that! I would be way too nervous! Thanks for everyone who came and enjoyed lunch after! We were so happy to have you there!

The happs....

Just enjoying life around here with the two kids! We are also hoping the warmer weather learns how to stay put! Sure do love being outside!
We have been loving on this kid lots! He is such a great baby. I can't believe he is already 3 months old! He smiles all the time:) And he slept 7 hours the other night! YAHOO!
He FINALLY likes to take a bath. Those first two months were brutal. Cried the entire time!
Walker loves taking a bath with Hayes. He is so cute with him. We blow bubbles about 100 times a day. Walker loves those dang things! "Mom, take a picture of me sitting by my bubbles" - WOWSERS!
We went with my mom, dad, and sisters to see the Penguins at the Aquarium. SO CUTE! way better than the Penguins at the Zoo.
Ashton and Jack hanging out in the stroller. The kids loved it there. My mom, Walker, and Boston playing with the Sting Rays. So cool you can touch and play with them. They swim right up to you!
Walker standing by the Penguin. He loved watching them swim. HAPPY EASTER! The Easter Bunny found our house! Walker was really excited! He LOVED the book with the CD. It has a bunch of children's songs on it and he listens to them all day. I love catching him singing when I peek in the room.
I forgot my camera almost the whole weekend, but we had a great Easter Egg hunt at both grandparents homes. He had to bring his "fishy game" to grandmas and show Boston.
We had a great Easter and conference weekend. I am so mad I didn't take pictures. I think I am loosing it! We finally finished the basement...that's for a whole other post! Pictures to come! Just glad to be done with late nights painting and working down there.