Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I decided to run down to JC Penney and get some pictures taken of Hayes in his blessing outfit and possibly a few of Walker. I haven't gone there in a while because I LOVE Kim and Tim to take their pictures but I had a great coupon and just needed a few here they are! Hayes 4 months Walker 3 years old This is the favorite. We love how both of them are like..."huh?" Sure are some cute boys!

fun times!

During the month of May we enrolled Walker in a soccer clinic. We signed up with our cousin Bowen and our friend Carmen. He was a little nervous at first and towards the end finally warmed up to it being fun! He still asks me for "coach John" I can't believe how big Walker is getting. He is growing up so fast!! Me trying to convince Walker that it's ok and not scary. He thinks everything is scary. Stretching before getting ready to kick the ball! Listening to his coach and getting lined up. He actually did pretty well for the first 30 minutes of the class!