Sunday, January 18, 2009


wow we have had a busy December and into the New Year. I can't believe it is already more than half way through January. Where does the time go? Here is a little recap of December.
A week before Christmas my little sister went on a cruise with her husband and his work, so we were lucky enough to watch her little girl for a few days. Walker loved having her here - a constant friend! They are only 5 months apart so it is so fun to see them play together! Of course sharing was an issue at times, but other than that they had a ball. I came into the living room one day and this is what I found - them laying down watching Tigger and Pooh.
Also, the first few weeks of December I enrolled Walker in a parent taught swim class. He loved it! He learned to kick in the water, blow bubbles, jump off the side of the pool, and go under the water! The pictures I got are a little blurry...

Christmas was so much fun! I was excited to see Walker's reaction to Santa coming to our house. The entire month we were teaching him about Santa and he learned how to say "ho, ho, ho". It was hilarious. He woke up Christmas morning and when we came out to the living room he kinda stared at his toys and then said "ho, ho, ho" By mid day he finally understood opening presents and he was all over it! Santa brought him some great toys. Jake and I also received lots of great stuff! Thanks everyone. The next day when Walker woke up and I got him out of his crib the first thing he said was "ho, ho, ho" - I had to explain to him that Santa only comes once a year. Cute kid!

Christmas Eve at Grandma Mauss'. It's tradition - we enjoy a dinner up there and then a $10.00 gift exchange with all of Jake's cousins. So much fun! Walker loved the lion rug that Great Grandma Mauss gave him. For the first few days he would carry it around the house, say "roar", and then lay on it. Great gift!!

Walker Christmas morning. He was all over his train set and the piano. He didn't know which toy to play with first - so might as well do both! This is also him saying "ho, ho, ho"

Well, we hope everyone had a great Christmas and is enjoying the New Year! I still find myself thinking how crazy it is that 2009 is here. I hope this is going to be a great year and I am trying to stick to my New Year's resolutions (that's a whole other post - soon to come)