Friday, October 22, 2010


Walker has been in Kindermusik since he was 9 months old. This summer we finished our last class. I thought that since Walker was now in preschool I didn't want to clog up his week with too much stuff. It was sad and I am hoping that our teacher does another summer camp next year so we can go back in the summer.

 Carmen was in our class for the last year and a half! These two are besties.
I love watching them is hilarious!

This is our teacher - Miss Marilee. She is the BEST! If you are considering Kindermusik - 100% do it! Walker has grown a love for music and instruments. The CD's they provide are so great and they have some really fun songs on them! Introducing music in a child's life at a young age is so good for them developmentally. I can't wait for Hayes to start in January.

We miss this class so much  and hope to go back sometime soon!!


How does time go by so fast? I can't believe that Walker is starting preschool! He was so excited and even more excited that Luke, Nick, and Carmen are in his class. Miss Denise is so nice and he loves her lots!

First day. The "in front of the door picture"
Here is my backpack mom!

Miss Denise is super nice! Walker loves her so much.

Walker LOVES school. He is doing so well and he loves all his classmates!
Time just needs to slow down - a bit!:)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We love, love, love our neighborhood! We have made some really great friends here and so have our kids! A few of us decided to host a babysitting co-op twice a month. It is so nice and who dosen't love a free babysitter!! Drop the kiddos off at one couples house and the other three couples can go do what they want for the next 4 hours! It turns out to be such a fun night when it is our turn to host! This last time we decided to hang out outside doing water balloons, wagon rides, and popsicles! These kids are super cute!

filling up water balloons!
Watch out!! We are ready to get wet!
Jack and Walker drinking out of the hose!
Popsicle time!!
Jack, Shiloh, Walker, Caroline, and Carmen
Cute kiddos!

Our First Trip to the Dentist!

A few weeks ago we took Walker in for his first official dentist visit. He was scared in the chair so Jake helped him. He didn't want to open his mouth at all, but once they brought out a toothbrush with a train on it....his mouth opened wide! No cavaties!! Yahoo! Thanks Dr. Theurer. See ya in 6 months!

He was scared..poor guy!
Hayes just chillin! "Come on Walkie, it's ok!"
AND...we're done! Say "AHHHH" He was finally happy once he got all his goodies!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Swiss Days!

Come one! Come all!
Don't forget to head up to Swiss Days this weekend and visit my mother-in-law's booth
"Three Little Chairs"
She has SUPER cute decorative chairs and pillows and lots of other great items! 
Here is a sneak peak!

Friday and Saturday 8am-8pm up in Midway!
Mention that Teylor sent you and save $10.00 on a purchase of $75.00 or more!
Hope to see you there!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

crazy Sunday's at our house!

Look out for the tunnel monster!

oh how I love these two..

I truly LOVE having two boys:) I am one lucky mom!


It truly is the happiest place on earth!! We took Walker to Disneyland for his 3rd birthday. It was great and he LOVED it! He still asks when we can go back!:) We met my sister and her family there! It was a really fun trip!

Hayes did great on the plane - both ways he slept the entire time!! Such a good boy!
Walker on the other hand- cried the moment he steped on the plane. Thank goodness for portable DVD players and markers!

He met a few characters. This Woody was made out of all Legos

Pluto. So cute he would hug all the characters.

Mickey Mouse! This is who he kept asking for. He was so excited to see him!
Minnie Mouse
Army guys from Toy Story

Jesse and Woody


Classic Disneyland Pictures

We went to Newport Beach one day. It was overcast and a little cold so we decided to go on a whale watching tour instead of hanging out at the beach
On the boat. We saw a school of about 500 dolphins. They were following the boat. SO GREAT. I didn't get too many was windy and the boat was me a little sick!
Checking out the beach
Thanks Whitney and Tony for a great trip! We had so much fun!! Hayes was an angel the entire time. I was nervous to take a 5 month old baby - but it was great!

Happy Birthday Walker!

I can't believe you are 3! What? I have a 3-year-old?? Time goes by way too fast. We celebrated with family and friends and then headed off to Disneyland...more to come on that. For now..the party! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - of course! We got this cute little house for him to play in. He loves to just sit in it and pretend to be on the phone. The next morning this is where I found him asking for breakfast!
Walker is such a good kid! Everyday he has something new and funny to say. He keeps me laughing all the time. We feel so lucky to have such a great little boy!

At age 3 he is: 35 inches tall  and 29 lbs
He loves:
Popsicles - blue please
Mickey Mouse
riding his bike
playing with "Hayeser Mayser"
Singing to his Kindermusik songs and songs we have downloaded on iTunes
Going to the Zoo,
 The Aquarium,
fountains at The Gateway
Watching the Jazz. He thinks every basketball game is a Jazz game.

Funny quotes:
"mommy, I was in your belly yesterday"
Every morning for breakfast he asks for "waffles and sauce"
He always asks what time it is. He dosen't even understand time yet:)
When Jake gets home he says "hey dad, how was work?"
When we go to the condo in Park City he asks for the "tube slide" that is at the Outlets.
He thinks Park City is just the Outlets

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I decided to run down to JC Penney and get some pictures taken of Hayes in his blessing outfit and possibly a few of Walker. I haven't gone there in a while because I LOVE Kim and Tim to take their pictures but I had a great coupon and just needed a few here they are! Hayes 4 months Walker 3 years old This is the favorite. We love how both of them are like..."huh?" Sure are some cute boys!

fun times!

During the month of May we enrolled Walker in a soccer clinic. We signed up with our cousin Bowen and our friend Carmen. He was a little nervous at first and towards the end finally warmed up to it being fun! He still asks me for "coach John" I can't believe how big Walker is getting. He is growing up so fast!! Me trying to convince Walker that it's ok and not scary. He thinks everything is scary. Stretching before getting ready to kick the ball! Listening to his coach and getting lined up. He actually did pretty well for the first 30 minutes of the class!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just been hanging around...

These two sure are cute! Walker LOVES Hayes! He is always concerned where he is and what he is doing. He always wants to give hugs and sit by him. He will come and tell me "mom, I just gave Hayes loves." Thanks buddy! At times he gets a little jealous and thinks he is the baby still. He constantly sits in the bumbo seat. He also likes to sit in the bouncer. We have been enjoying the slightly warmer weather. Walker loves to mow the lawn. He gets up in the morning and won't get dressed. So he just plays outside in his jammies! (don't mind the pink mower, it was a gift:)) Standing in the old ironing board slot. He thinks it is funny. We mowed our lawn and got a new front door. I love this time of year for our yard because the Magnolia tree in the front only blooms for one week. It is such a beautiful tree!!