Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We love, love, love our neighborhood! We have made some really great friends here and so have our kids! A few of us decided to host a babysitting co-op twice a month. It is so nice and who dosen't love a free babysitter!! Drop the kiddos off at one couples house and the other three couples can go do what they want for the next 4 hours! It turns out to be such a fun night when it is our turn to host! This last time we decided to hang out outside doing water balloons, wagon rides, and popsicles! These kids are super cute!

filling up water balloons!
Watch out!! We are ready to get wet!
Jack and Walker drinking out of the hose!
Popsicle time!!
Jack, Shiloh, Walker, Caroline, and Carmen
Cute kiddos!

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{littlefam} said...

love all of our darling kiddos! (and love co-op for the frequent date nights!)