Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sugar House in the FALL!

Sugar House in the fall is....lets just say full of leaves! Luckily this year our neighbor just told us to put all of our leaves in his garden..he uses them for mulch in the spring. So...piled them up, put them on a tarp, and carried them next door! Way better than bagging them up! Walker LOVED helping rake the leaves. He had to have his own rake. It was really funny. We have raked twice and it looks like it needs to be done again!! Gotta love Sugar House!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween! I love that Walker is old enough to understand trick-or-treating and he loved wearing his bee costume! After he was done getting his treats he helped me pass out candy. When the door bell would ring he would say "Mom, more friends" then grab the candy bag and put candy in each kids was too funny! Sure do love my little guy!
Carving pumpkins for Grandma Mare's birthday.
Justin and Jake cleaning out the pumpkins!Walker and Jack. Jack's monkey costume was so cute! Walker and Bowen. We did cousin pictures with Jake's side of the family. None of my pictures turned out of all the kiddos...dang camera...or was it the person taking the pictures? The Nemo costume is hilarious from the side!
Walker as the Bee. He carries Mickey with him wherever we go!
Our neighbor gave out toothbrushes to the trick-or-treaters...Walker LOVES his. That was the first thing he wanted from his candy bag. The next day he came and showed me how he "brushes" Mickey's teeth. Too funny!