Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sugar House in the FALL!

Sugar House in the fall is....lets just say full of leaves! Luckily this year our neighbor just told us to put all of our leaves in his garden..he uses them for mulch in the spring. So...piled them up, put them on a tarp, and carried them next door! Way better than bagging them up! Walker LOVED helping rake the leaves. He had to have his own rake. It was really funny. We have raked twice and it looks like it needs to be done again!! Gotta love Sugar House!


The Royal Family said...

cute I wish I had leaves to take pics with! How are you feeling

Ben and Heidi said...

Oh I sure love leaves.. the crunchier the better! I seriously walk around just tyring to find crunch leaves and your pile of leaves sure looked nice and crunchy! Looks like Walker had a good time.

Lynley said...

Those pictures are awesome! Fall is the time of year you pay mother nature for having beautiful trees all year long!