Friday, October 22, 2010


Walker has been in Kindermusik since he was 9 months old. This summer we finished our last class. I thought that since Walker was now in preschool I didn't want to clog up his week with too much stuff. It was sad and I am hoping that our teacher does another summer camp next year so we can go back in the summer.

 Carmen was in our class for the last year and a half! These two are besties.
I love watching them is hilarious!

This is our teacher - Miss Marilee. She is the BEST! If you are considering Kindermusik - 100% do it! Walker has grown a love for music and instruments. The CD's they provide are so great and they have some really fun songs on them! Introducing music in a child's life at a young age is so good for them developmentally. I can't wait for Hayes to start in January.

We miss this class so much  and hope to go back sometime soon!!