Thursday, July 29, 2010


It truly is the happiest place on earth!! We took Walker to Disneyland for his 3rd birthday. It was great and he LOVED it! He still asks when we can go back!:) We met my sister and her family there! It was a really fun trip!

Hayes did great on the plane - both ways he slept the entire time!! Such a good boy!
Walker on the other hand- cried the moment he steped on the plane. Thank goodness for portable DVD players and markers!

He met a few characters. This Woody was made out of all Legos

Pluto. So cute he would hug all the characters.

Mickey Mouse! This is who he kept asking for. He was so excited to see him!
Minnie Mouse
Army guys from Toy Story

Jesse and Woody


Classic Disneyland Pictures

We went to Newport Beach one day. It was overcast and a little cold so we decided to go on a whale watching tour instead of hanging out at the beach
On the boat. We saw a school of about 500 dolphins. They were following the boat. SO GREAT. I didn't get too many was windy and the boat was me a little sick!
Checking out the beach
Thanks Whitney and Tony for a great trip! We had so much fun!! Hayes was an angel the entire time. I was nervous to take a 5 month old baby - but it was great!

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