Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's better without clothes...

The other day when it was nice Walker was so excited to get his sink out and play in the water.
So we busted it out. They had the best time!

After a while they came up front looking like this. "Mom we got all wet"
Walker had his underwear on and had put his sock and shoes back on.  They played
outside almost the rest of the day like this. Walker kept telling me how much fun it was to play
outside in his underwear!

They are so cute! I LOVE that they are playing together so well. Walker is always asking for Hayes and Hayes is always following Walker around.
I love this little guy! He is getting so big.


Ben and Heidi said...

I think when it is a warm summer day that is all you need to wear!

Laura said...

I love it(especially because he put his shoes and socks back on)! In this hot Mississippi heat and humidity I'm always feeling like goin around in my underwear;)
It is the best when they start playing together.

The Young Family said...

That sounds like my boys! They are ALWAYS playing around in their underwear! Must be a boy thing...they are So cute! It is the best when they start playing with each other. Makes raising boys a LITTLE bit easier!!!