Friday, April 11, 2008

It's FINALLY here and our "controlled burn"

Proudly hanging our Masters Flag It is officially here. Jake has been waiting since April 9 the day after Zach Johnson won it last year. He talks about it all year long and even started a business with his dad and brother - Amen Corner Partners. In the last few weeks everytime the commercial comes on he is silent (and everyone around him needs to be too). He recorded the commercial on his cell phone and had the "theme music" as his ring. Yes it is true, THE MASTERS are finally here!! Most of you know Jake is crazy about golf and this is by far his favorite five days of the year! Starting with the Par 3 round and then to the 4 rounds at Augusta! Thanks to his brother Justin (who is just as Masters crazy - if not more) Jake was able to go to Augusta with his dad, brothers and brother-in-law and see the Masters in person. He got some good pictures of Tiger, Phil and the course. Everyday I called him he "was in golf heaven" and loved every moment of it. He brought back lots of memorabilia, posters, cups, tees, shirts, and a flag. We proudly display our flag outside.
Here are some pictures from the Masters
Justin and Jake on Amen Corner Tiger Woods Hole #18 at Augusta
Now to the controlled burn. So when we were going to put up our Masters flag we had to take down our American flag. It was hammered! It has holes and rips from being outside in the wind all year. We new we had to destroy it so Jake found the "proper" way to destroy an American flag. They said the best way was to burn it or take it to a flag store and they can burn it for you. Of course, Jake wanted to burn it himself. SO he went to the fire pit in our backyard and Walker and I watched him burn the flag. Jake was pretty proud of his scouting skills in starting the fire and he ended up burning some dead bushes that were in the backyard.
Jake with the flag
Jake burning the flag in out backyard


The LeRoy's said...

oh all I can say.... is my brothers in law,dad and Cory are going ot be jealous. How fun is that. I have to admit, I have been picking up some golf the past two years and I am even a little jealous. Not only am I jealous about the masters, but about the nice weather. I can't wait to play this summer! Come on mother nature!!!!!!!!!

Lynley said...

Corey would have absolutely died to go to the masters! That looks so beautiful!

Mauss Memories said...

Josh is a little obsessed too! Good times for those guys.

Justin and Jill said...

Gotta love the Masters. I love when it is "Masters Time" because that means it is Spring!

I'll bet Walker loved watching that fire. Great job Scoutmaster Jake!

Goodrich's said...

How fun for all the Mauss guys! Looks like it was gorgeous there, green, warm... nice! Walker is getting so big (except the little legs!). He is such a cute guy, can't wait until next time I get to see you all.