Monday, March 14, 2011

1st Annual K.L Memorial Ski Day

A big thanks to Zach for heading up a great day at Park City Mountain Resort in honor of Grandpa Mauss. Jake's grandpa passed away just over 3 years ago. He loved skiing and was a ski patrolman for Park City Mountain Resort and was also one of the first paid ski patrolman at Alta Ski Resort. All the family gathered together at the Struggler aka the condo and enjoyed a day of skiing, eating and hanging out!

Walker and Cade

Some of the kiddos getting ready to go skiing! Walker was excited!
The skiers
Zach, Justin, Jake, Brad, and Dan.
Josh and Alisha weren't there yet. 

I enjoyed my day at the condo. I decided to stay up there and let Jake take another day to teach Walker how to ski. I had so much fun hanging out with Jill, Darbee, and Ryan and keeping my eyes on some of  the smaller kids. I was also excited for Walker to have another day on the slopes with his dad. It's probably better that I am not there until he gets a little bit better.
Hayes and Alivia
These two just kept each other busy! They play so great together. They are only 5 weeks apart.
After most of the kids were done skiing for the day the deep bath/hot tub was quite exciting!
Time for some R&R. These two were pooped after a day of skiing!
So proud of Walker! He had a great time skiing and even went on the ski lift four times!
He kept saying how much fun he had with all of his cousins!
This is one of the last pictures we had with Laurie. Walker was only one month old.
Jake's memories of Grandpa Laurie are:
-Grandpa had a dog named Kiska. He was an Alaskan Malamute
-Laurie and Dottie volunteered at the Conference Center
-He had a love for golf and skiing
-Jake and Laurie took a trip to Antimony, Utah in the fall of 2001 to help with a "round-up" for Uncle Burns
-Jake really enjoyed Christmas Eve at Grandpa's home. He remembers that Grandpa always had the fire going and he would always sit in front of it. He still loves going there each Christmas Eve
-He had a great whistle
-He loved Caffeine Free Diet Coke aka Soda Water

Hope to see everyone next year - same time, same place!

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{littlefam} said...

walker looks so cute on the slopes in his little ski outfit! can we please get carmen and walker up skiing together before the season ends?