Monday, May 5, 2008

We {heart} the Jazz!! Part 2

Oh man! Thanks to a call from Jake's uncle (THANKS BRAD!!) we were able to go to the Jazz-Rockets game 6! WHAT A GAME! We were able to sit in some great seats in the lower bowl and it is a whole different ball game down there! I proudly wore my D-Will jersey, even though for a few days there I was thinking it was the "curse jersey" and I should stop wearing it but after his round of 3's in the 3rd quarter I think the curse was gone. Thanks Meg and Jake for taking Walkie! We really appreicate it!
Here are some highlights from the game:
- Beating T-Mac! The best sign I saw all series was "2nd round virgin"
- Wearing my D-Will Jersey
- Seeing D-Will get pumped up after a great 3rd quarter. I love it when the players get so involved with the crowd.
- watching a conversation between Masha and Andrei Kirilenko. At the end of the 4th we saw her in the crowd talking long distance to Andrei on the bench. We tried to make out what they were saying, but I think they must have been talking in their native tounge:)
- OOO I loved getting the thunder sticks - those things can make some noise (I would like to apoligize to the man in front of me in the Boozer jersey - i hit him on the head with the thunder stick) Sorry!
- I love reading the signs. People are CREATIVE!
- I love seeing people come dressed up. There are a lot of fans who have the old old school stuff. That is SWEET! We saw a guy in a full on rip away outfit that was the old gold and green. NICE! (ok everyone BUT Larry Miller can dress up - wow)
- Last but not least - the WIN! Bring on L.A. (ok even though we lost yesterday - it was still a pretty good game)
The sad part - I went to buy tickets today for Friday's game - $80.00 for 16 row of the UPPER BOWL! thanks, but no thanks! Party at our house Friday 7:00!
One last thought - is it wierd if I wear my jersey to church on Sunday! just kidding!


Keltose said...

Teylor, if Jazz win the championship, promise me you will wear the jersey to church. That is totally justifiable!

Justin and Jill said...

Loving the D-Will jersey; and of course you can wear it to church but only if you wear socks up to your knees and your dad's polo shirt underneath it!

The Royal Family said...

your so funny. I love reading your blog. Cute cute, and yes I want a pic when you wear the jersey to church.
Your bishop would completely understand.

Tori And Ryan said...

You are too funny Tey. Jake is one lucky guy to be married to someone with such a passion for basketball and the Jazz! Don't get me wrong, I love the Jazz, but I think Ryan wishes I liked watching basketball as much as I like shopping. That is seriously awesome.

Darbee and Zach said...

You are the cutest! You seriously crack me up! I LOVE that you are a huge Jazz fan! Let's beat the Lakers!! I know we can... if we actually come ready to play on Wednesday!

The Goffs said...

HAHHAHA, I love that you were seriously talkin wearing your jerzy to church! haha. Actually, last Friday we went to a reception before the game and the kids wore thiers! haha... but Gracee's comes w/ a skirt so she was ok. And I put a button up shirt over Scotty's... but they HAD to root for the JAZZ! YES! K, FREAKIN JAZZ TICKETS ARE SO EXPENSIVE! BUT: we splurged... it's mothers day AND Scotty's bday so we're goin on Friday!!!!! C'MON JAZZ!!!!

Muranda said...

i liked that i could spy on the two of you!!!

that picture totally makes it look like you cut your hair. crazy!

Chas and Ashly Johnson Family said...

I love the second round virgin sign! I have always loved the D-fence sign with the white picket fence. Or the Tag your it sign (to bad he is gone) :). So fun for you guys. You must love this time of the year and all of the basketball.

THE YOUNGS said...

Hello Teylor! I didn't know you were such a big Jazz fan! That is so awesome! Funny seeing you the other weekend for the quick second during the marathon! You and your fam looked so cute! Anyway, we finally made a blog we are at! Anyway, we need to hang out again soon, we haven't seen you guys for forever and your little boy is sooooo cute!

Mauss Memories said...

Teylor...How fun that you guys were able to get away without the kiddo. As much as we love em' you gotta have a break. Happy Mother's Day to one of the best mamas I know. You are awesome! Miss you guys!

Heather-Rita said...

How fun! And I love the D-Will crack me up!