Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Walker!

I can hardly believe our little guy is officially ONE YEAR OLD! Time went by so fast! I remember right after he was born saying "I wonder what it is going to be like when he is one?" Well here we are - he is so much fun and I love every day I spend with him. His birthday was Sunday June 8. We had a great birthday party for him - baseball themed. We had Big League Chew, Cracker Jacks, baseball cupcakes, mini bags of potato chips, hotdogs and hamburgers. The invites were so cute! Thanks to Kim for putting my idea to paper! The invites looked like a baseball ticket- they were really fun! It turned out so great! We spend most of Saturday getting ready making the cake, cupcakes and getting our house and yard in order. Thanks to Jake for all of his hard work in the yard. We enjoyed the time with friends and family. Here are some pictures from the party Thanks Jackson and Annie for helping open Walker's presents. He didn't really care to do it:) He was so lucky and got some of the best gifts! Thanks so much to everyone who spoils him. Some of the things he got were a wagon, swing for the tree, baby instrument set, Jazz PJ's, a magnet board (that Morgan made) with those cute Leap Frog animals and letters to play with, a basketball hoop, fun books, these really cool markers for tiny kids, and this great kids place mat you take with you to resturants. I was so excited for that! Here he is eating the cake. He would lightly touch it and eat the frosting. He put some in the back of his hair - I was hoping for more of a mess, but he wasn't really into it.

The cake! I am pretty proud of it! I made it all by myself!! It took some time, but I was really pleased with the outcome! I really didn't take that many pictures - sorry. I was too involved in making sure the party went great. One major highlight was the kiddie pool. Well, it was really to hold all the drinks, but the little kiddos LOVED it. They had more fun playing in the ice cold water than anything!! Muranda's little boy, Ashton, kept making the sign for "bath" because he wanted to get in. He was already soaked from head to toe! My little sisters boy, Boston, kept picking up the drinks and throwing them back in and all the kids standing around would laugh! It was so funy. Thanks for everyone who came. It really turned out great!

Here are a few fun facts about Walker at One Year Old:

- he LOVES being outside. Either on a wagon ride, stroller ride, or playing in the dirt.

- He loves fishes and birds. He makes sounds for them when you ask him where they are. Fish = shhhhh and bird = bbbbb.

-He is really ticklish under his arms and on his belly. When Jake gets him ready for a bath and he takes off his onesie he immediatly starts laughing before Jake even gets to his arms - he knows that he is going to get tickled.

- He eats pretty much anything - even though 99% of his food ends up on the floor. I say "no Walker we don't do that" and he looks at me, picks up the food, and throws it on the floor all while he is still looking at me. Jake and I seriously laugh and we try to have straight faces but it is way too hard.

- He LOVES dogs. We don't even have a dog but anytime he see's one he gets all excited and can hardly sit still.

- He waves bye bye - and it is SO cute. He open and shuts his hand. The other day he was outside sitting in the dirt and he was waving at the neighbor and we didn't even know it.

- He likes Watermelon.

We love you so much buddy and don't even know what we would do if you weren't in our lives! You bring so much joy to our house and we are so excited to get you up every morning. Mommy and Daddy love you tons and tons!


Ben and Heidi said...

How cute. I think the party sounds like it was done really cute. That cake turned out great how did you do that

Laura Nielsen said...

Happy Birthday Walker! I can't believe he is one. He looks so big and I love his pictures. The baseball theme is adorable, I am so impressed with the cake (but not surprised because you are so creative!) We need to get together and let the boys play outside now that it is FINALLY nice.

The Shirley Family said...

I can't believe Walker is already one! Crazy how time flys. You did such a great job on his party. Everything turned out darling. Addie loves her little bat and ball.

Rebecca said...

Tey, great job on the cake. I lOved the invite we got in the mail...Definitely a keeper for good ideas. You and Jake are such good parents and we were sad we couldn't celebrate Walker this year with you.