Friday, August 22, 2008

Mauss Family Pictures - the grandkids

Every few months or so we try to get all the grandkids together on the Mauss side for a cute photo. What a better time to do it - Josh and Becca were visiting from Michigan! They turned out so cute - even though it is hard to get 7 kids to smile at the same time! Thanks Megan for taking the picts!
Charlie, Walker, Luke, Annie, Bowen, Will, and Jackson
Walker just hanging out!
Megan took a couple of pictures of our little family - who knows what I was looking at - obviously not the camera! Walkers favorite place to hang out - dads shoulders!
We also celebrated mine, Justin's and Ashley's birthdays that same day! It was great! The best part - the cake that my sister-in-law brought! She is so great. She called me and said "I want to bring the cake" and I said to her "I bet it has the Jazz on it" (i was only joking!!) Lo and behold - it really did! After she showed it to me she said "I didn't know what to say when you said 'i bet it has Jazz on it' because I had already ordered the cake." Not only was the cake AWESOME - but it was so tastey too!! She knows me all to well. AND I am the #1 Jazz fan- her husband, Justin, is the #2 Jazz fan - works out perfectly our birthdays around the same time! GO JAZZ!


The Royal Family said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Ben and Heidi said...

Happy birthday to you, whenever it was! Cute picture of the grandkids. If you guys would have gotten all the kids to look at once I would have been amazed!

Justin and Jill said...

Glad you liked the cake, D-Will... I mean Tey-Tey. You definitely do rank up there with Justy Boy in the Jazz Fan department--only you don't swear as much during the games!

Chas and Ashly Johnson Family said...

I love the popped collar. What a stud muffin. Happy birthday!

Sorensen Family said...

Cute pictures of the family! Happy B-day too. Walker has the cuttest little smile.


The LeRoy's said...

Happy late birthday to you! Geese! I wish I would have known earlier. I love the cake it so fits you. i can't watch a jazz game without thinking of you!!!