Saturday, October 6, 2007

26.2 - Minus the Mauss Family

WARNING: This is a long post - it may take a few to read! Sorry about that! I woke up this morning at 4:45 to get Walker a bottle and my first thought was "the runners in St George are getting ready for the marathon." I guess you could call today a "sad" day for the Mauss family. After talking to Mare (Jakes mom) every year since 1987 someone from the Mauss family has run in the St George Marathon that is going on this weekend. This year - no one from the Mauss family ran it! I guess you could call it a "tradition" that we go down to St George conference weekend and cheer the runners on, friends and family, in the St George Marathon. I have been going down to the marathon since 2001 to watch Jake and his family run. So for this post I would like to dedicate it to the Mauss family and state my many memories from each year.
-Driving down to sunny St George! This year it was 65 degrees down there, but every year that I have been it has been so hot! I love coming up on the red rocks and sitting out in the sun!
- Eating pasta Friday night! We always go to the Pizza Factory the night before the race so the runners can get their "carbs" and be ready for the race! It is always packed there and we always get the HUGE table on the top floor!
-Sleeping all 13 of us in a 3 bedroom condo! Runners get the beds - the rest get whats left over!
-Seeing Jake and the other runners wake up at 3:30 to eat a quick breakfast and head to catch the bus that goes up the canyon to the start line.
- Getting the rest of the crew up at 7:00 so we can make it to Snow Canyon (aka mile 16), park, then make the hike to the top to cheer on the runners. Generally we have strollers and little kids with us so this is a hike:) But it is TOTALLY worth it!
-Waiting at mile 16 and having Mare ask for a swallow of Coke! Nice - she dosen't want Gatorade or water - she wants Coke! ha ha! Also bringing up bananas, orange slices, Ibuprofin 800, and LOTS OF HUGS!
- Running down the canyon to get to our cars - trying to back up on a one way road - to drive to the park (aka finish line) to see the runners finish. We are always in a hurry because most of the roads are closed so it takes long to get to the park.
- On the way to the park seeing High School bands playing on the street, homeowners out with their hoses to hose off the runners, and lots of crowds cheering them on.
- Finally getting to the park and desperatly looking for a parking spot.
- Standing along the red fence at the finish line waiting for our runners to pass. This is where the tears start to come. It is great to see so many people finish the race. You can always count on one guy carrying an American Flag, one old guy who has on a shirt that says "This is my 50th marathon", and a BUNCH of bloody, chafed nipples! The best - Jill and I just yelling out names to see if anyone looks over. "Alright Joe!! Keep running you're looking good!" And buying flowers from the man in the wheelchair.
- Seeing your family and friends cross the finish line - what a great accomplishment!
- Walking through a SEA of people in the park looking for your family.
- Finally finding your family and getting pictures with them and their medals.
- Can't forget - telling Jake to snag me a free popsicle (they are only for the runners)
- Walking (or helping Jake walk at this point) with Jake to the tennis courts to sort through NASTY SMELLY SWEATY clothes to find the items that he threw off at the throughout the race.
- Going back to the condo - everyone laying around and the CLASSIC Justin comment - "I'm a man down." And stopping with grandma to pick pomegrantes at some random house by the park!
- Shopping while the guys are at preisthood. Then when they come home watching Post Season Baseball or a college football game.
-Getting up Sunday - enjoying Aunt Lindas GREAT breakfast and I love that Pomegrante salad then watching conference -(or sleeping through it - what ever you prefer)
- Leaving at noon - and already getting excited to come back next year - PRICELESS!
If you have not been down for the marathon you should go. Sometimes it seems crazy getting up early and getting the kids ready and frantically running around St George to see the runners, but it really is so much fun! Everytime I am there I always think "next year I am going to do it!" Well, last year I tried and during training I got up to 8 miles and then quit (I don't want to talk about it!) So maybe next year, eh?
Congrats to all that finished - Allison Bryan, Sarah Featherstone, Debby Barney and Kelly Gardner. Here are a few pictures from last year!

Jake running in 2006 - his 6th time!

Thanks for getting me the popsicle!


Darbee and Zach said...

How cute are you, Tey? I love this post, because I have similar memories from our years of marathoning. (is that even a word?) It's been a couple years for us though...maybe next year we should do it together?! Ya right...I've always been the better Cheerleader! Let's make the boys run! :-)

Anonymous said...

Tey Tey,
How thoughtful of you to record everything for us! I really do like the taste of COKE when I run! Maybe it is the sugar fix that keeps me going to the finish.
As a runner, it means the world to have family and friends waiting at mile 16. Thanks for always waiting! Then rushing off to catch Jake, Justin, Meg and Dan at the finish.
Maybe the girls could get a tema together next year.....


Mauss said...

I didn't run it this year, and I am still a man down. Bless your heart!

Alder Family said...

I missed the marathon SO much this weekend! I loved your post - such fun memories! Many more to come...