Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July!

I love the 4th of July! I always look forward to it every year. Usually we have a BBQ in our yard and enjoy watching the fireworks that Sugar House park puts on , but this year it just didn't work out for most of the party so no BBQ- But we still had a great day!
We started off with a parade in our neighborhood. We decorated Walker's wagon and took him out for the ride. He enjoyed it - but we didn't last too long because it was his nap time. It was still fun to see all the kids in our neighborhood and all their decorated bikes.
We enjoyed a realxing day together as a family and then met up with Dan, Mare and Dottie for dinner. After dinner we put Walker down for the night and played the family favorite "Scrabble" with Dan and Mare and waited for the fireworks. At 10:00 we enjoyed the fireworks - Sugarhouse Park does a great job. They had a whole 20 minutes of fireworks! We love watching the fireworks from our yard because there are not any huge trees back there so you have a perfect view of them. Around 9:30 a lot of the neighbors come and "set up" their chairs in our yard to see the fireworks. We don't mind - they have been doing it for years now and that tradition kinda came with the home. We had a great relaxing day and look forward to more fireworks on the 24th.

He never looks at the camera - he is so funny!

Anyone up for fireworks on the 24th - you know where we will be:)


Alder Family said...

What a fun day for ya'll! Walker looks so cute in his wagon. Count me in for fireworks on the 24th... that is one thing I really miss!

The Shirley Family said...

How fun!! We would love to come and watch the fireworks, but to bad we will be out of town.

Justin and Jill said...

We were sad to miss your festivities on the 4th, but I guess Hannah Montana is a little more popular! Actually, I know Jackson now would disagree with that.

The Royal Family said...

Walker is so cute and getting big, glad to hear your holiday was good. I would love to join you for the 24th but Gas is just too much!!

Have fun!

The Barneys said...

You guys look like you had fun over the weekend. I wish we could come over for the 24th, but we will be in Lake Powell. Let's plan for next year though.