Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yeah - Fall is finally here.

Oh yeah! I love FALL! Don't get me wrong I do love the summer time too - but after a few months of scorching hot weather - I really look forward to the Fall weather:) There are many other reasons why I love this time of the year - here is my list - in no particular order:
- Season Premieres on TV. I really try an limit myself to how many shows a week I can DVR. Can't leave out Gossip Girl, 90210, The Hills, Runs House, The Office, and Greys. I do love The Biggest Loser - but I can't record 2 things at once and try to watch something else - so I try to "catch" The Biggest Loser.
- The changing leaves. I love living in Sugarhouse and seeing our street turn from drabby grey cement to colorful orange and yellow leaves everywhere. Although, I do hate bagging them.
- POST SEASON BASEBALL. OOO I really look forward to this. Tomorrow is the big day - Baseball all day!!! First game starts at 1:00 in the afternoon. (I am not accepting any calls after 1:00pm for the next week or so) ha ha. There is only ONE OCTOBER! GO SOX - and DODGERS!!
- JAZZ GAMES! Training camp offically started today. It makes me more excited to watch the sports segment on the late news - they always have interviews from the players. Got the D-Will jersey all washed and ready to wear for the October 29th opener.
- HALLOWEEN. Thanks to my mom - she has made me LOVE this holiday. This is my mom's favorite holiday. She used to draw on parchment paper "Linus in the Pumpkin Patch" (from Peanuts Halloween cartoon) on her front windows - I loved that every year. I am so excited to dress Walker up in his costume - he is going to be a chicken. (pictures to come!) I had to find a costume that didn't require a hat to be worn to know what he was dressing up as. He won't wear a hat.
- Cool nights. I sleep so much better when it is cold.
- Pumpkins. For some wierd reason I seriously LOVE pumpkins. I love to decorate with them, carve them, and buy the funny tiny ones. I think I might try to grow them next year.
- My anniversary. 5 years this year on the 8th:)
- Witches at Gardner Village. Even though they are almost the same every year - I love to go and see them. Anyone want to come. I am sure I will go multiple times:)
-Wearing hoodies. I love a good hooded sweatshirt.
So tomorrow starts off the best time of the year. From the looks of my list - if you need me I will be on the couch! ha ha!


LittleFam said...

we'll go with you when you go see the gardner village witches - i love them!
go jazz!

Alder Family said...

Tey, I love Fall time too! I am so excited for it this year. Thanks again for helping out with the kids on Friday.

The Royal Family said...

your list says it all. Good job!

Goodrich's said...

I love the fall too, but with it still being 98 degrees here and not a tree with colored leaves anywhere, its hard to be excited about the whole thing. Thanks for posting such a beautiful picture of the mountains. At least I can experience fall a little bit on your blog!

The Barneys said...

I do have to agree with you! One of the best things about fall is the premieres of new shows and seasons. And I love that you dvr Run's house. That honestly makes my day.

Justin and Jill said...

Tey, once again, I love your love for all things sports and TV. We had a great time with you guys in St. George!