Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Catch up! December and the begining of January!

Walker is too funny...he pushes this stroller around the house and has to have a bag on his back. I guess he sees me with my diaper bag and he wants one too!! We got in Grammy and Papa's hot tub on Christmas Eve! SO FUN!
Santa came to our house. Walker LOVED opening presents and he was so excxited to see his train table. Still to this day he will say "mom! I got a train table from Santa!"
We took Walker to his first Jazz game. We were in the upper bowl and then ended up in the lower bowl next to Jake's sister. He liked it better down there! (don't we all??)
Then this cute guy came! We sure do LOVE him! He has been such a great baby:) Walker has done really great too. Although...we have been trying to keep the two away from eachother... Walker has basically been sick since the day I got home from the hospital. We have been to the Doctor 4 times in the last 4 weeks! Bronchilitis, Sinus Infection, Croup, and then some random virus! Luckily he is finally on the mend!! We have been so lucky that Hayes has not gotten sick yet. :)
poor guy..he NEVER lays on the couch. He has been a man down. And who knows where he got it..I haven't been anywhere!

Our renters move out in two weeks and then the basement is OURS! we are excited! Since we have been married we have only lived in 900 sq feet or less! It's going to feel like we live in a mansion!! WAHOO! Can't wait to get all the toys downstairs and not in my living room!!


Shanna said...

Does or did Walker have fifth Disease?! Kesley had it last year it's such weird rash that appears on the face first and looks like a slap mark then goes to the other cheek and then the trunk of the chest and arms and legs. looks lacey! Kesley had it and had a fever for like 4 days and threw up once! complained of her throat was hard to see her like that.

Ben and Heidi said...

Oh Poor Walker it sounds like he has had it real rough lately! Hopefully he is on the mend now though.