Friday, August 17, 2007


Here is my garden!
So this has been a sad "harvesting" season for me. I have planted a vegetable garden in our back yard for the last 3 years. Always in the same place, always the same time of year, we always mix in new dirt, and always use Miracle Grow. The last two years we have had so many tomatoes that eventually we have had to throw them away - same with the zucchini. Well, this year is a little different. We planted 5 tomato plants, 2 zucchini, one pumpkin and one strawberry. Please notice the picture below - this is all I have gotten this year - and it's already August!!! I don't even have green tomatos on the vine yet. ARE YOU KIDDIN' ME?

So i had to put a quarter by this tomato so you can see how small it really is!

Here is my pumpkin plant - please notice that the leaves are as big as my fist. When they should look like this... (i took a picture of my neighbors plant) See how big her leaves are - and she already has pumpkins!!

I have even double checked that the sprinklers are hitting it and I hand water to make sure they are getting water!! Anyone have any idea why my garden has issues this year? Maybe it's the heat? I am sure it is nothing I did!! ha ha!


Tori And Ryan said...

Teylor! I seriously love that picture of the tomatoe. I promise I stared laughing out loud when I saw it. You should really consider calling guiness book of world records for smallest tomatoe. LOL Greatest post ever!

Muranda said...

you got've seen my yard, I am not one to give advice.

The Shirley Family said...

Sad tey, please tell me that little tomato is from a cherry tomato plant.

Goodrich's said...

Hey, I'm just impressed that you planted a garden. Way to go, even if you crops are few and far between! Hope you're all feeling better at the Mauss home.

Darbee and Zachary said...

Tey, at least you have a red tomato, we have yet to "harvest" anything this season! Sorry to here about the "Mauss Epidemic" that went around last week. It is never fun to have to deal with sick boys. Thanks for bringing out my sunglasses last week and we are sorry that we missed you guys. Typically it's a once every 6 months trip, so I hope we see you before then! Keep working away on those pumpkins, you should be ready by next fall!

Go Antimony!

Zach and Darb

Keltose said...


Love the blog. You got some really good pics of Walker too. I'll be checking back!


Alder Family said...

Sorry about the harvest. My plants were struggling for awhile too. I stopped watering them by hand, and only let the sprinklers get them and now they seem to be doing better. Maybe you are overwatering???