Friday, September 7, 2007

For all of you that know me - you know I can't pass up a sale! Just an FYI for anyone interested - the Old Navy baby and maternity sale started today! 25% off everything! They sure do have some cute things right now!


Alder Family said...

I can't wait to go and hit that up! Thanks for the news.

Muranda said...

You need to come over and see what I got. Soooo cute! Did you go? I hope Walker is feeling better.

The LeRoy's said...

okay so do you know that saying I came, I saw, I went! Well...... I came, I saw and I bought! Oh thanks for sharing! I do love sales. By the way circle of friends starts at gymboree sometime next week. I will give you a call and give you a code.. Or you can come on down to Provo and pick a bunch of neat stuff up! 30% off all sale items. You better hit that sale as well!! I know I will...... I know... Thats a shocker!