Sunday, September 30, 2007

Why October Is Our Favorite Month!

Here are a few reasons why October is our favorite month
1. FALL - Fall is our favorite season. We love the warm days and cool nights, the changing leaves, wearing sweaters and sweatshirts, jumping into cold sheets, the first snow making the base for fresh powder days to come, and football season. We do love the "falling" leaves, but living in Sugarhouse we get way too many of those. Anyone want to come rake leaves??
2. HALLOWEEN - Halloween is my moms favorite holiday - so she has made me love it even more. When I was younger she used to make all of our costumes, trick or treat bags, and she would even paint Halloween sweatshirts for us. I remember mine had a green monster on it. It was by far my favorite sweatshirt ever! My parents also LOVED to carve pumpkins. Some years they would buy up to 30 pumpkins - big and small - and we would carve them all. Then they would decorate their front lawn on Halloween with the pumpkins. The neighborhood loved it! They still do a lot of pumpkins now, but not as many because no one is home to help carve them. One other thing that I loved when I was young was when my mom would get butcher paper and draw Linus in the pumpkin patch (from the Snoopy halloween show). My parents have 4 big windows on the front of their house and she would display Linus in the pumpkin patch on the four windows. It was so great!! Last but not least I really love pumpkins! Last year Jake and I found the BEST pumpkin ever - it was the "butt" pumpkin (see picture below). On Halloween we put shorts on it - so hilarious!
3. Our Anniversary - Jake and I are coming up on 4 years this month! I can hardly believe it.
4. Post Season Baseball - Lets be honest, the regular season gets a little long and besides a Yankees vs Red Sox game, the post season is the best of all! I really look forward to this!!
5. Utah Jazz Basketball - their first game is October 30 vs Golden State!

The "butt" pumpkin! I laugh everytime I see it!


Muranda said...

Holy cow...I almost laughed out loud. That pumpkin is the best!

Darbee and Zach said...

Did you guys grow that pumpkin? I love it! We've actually got a pumpkin in our garden this year. Yeah! Didn't think that would happen. How did your garden end up?
We NEED to get together! Fall time is the BEST...and there is tons to give us a call.

Goodman Family said...

Cute pumpkin but where is the picture with the shorts on it? I bet that was even funnier!

Mauss said...

Tey-Tey, you are crazy! So, did Jake let you put the hay on the porch then? You need to come over and spend some time in the cave with Justin. He needs someone to watch the games with who is a sports fanatic just like him!

The LeRoy's said...

Teylor, you are so funny! I love the butt pumpkin. I laughed so hard and am still laughing as i am writing! That is great!

Alder Family said...

I love fall too! Maybe I will come help rake some of those leaves - I feel your pain!

Tori And Ryan said...

Hey! Don't forget my birthday! Just kiddin' I love October too and it is my mom's and Ryan's mom's favorite holiday too! Mom's love Halloween! Hey, I was wondering, you're still selling those paper pads with the last names and all of the kids names that I bought from you last year for Christmas gifts right? I was wondering how much they are 'cause I'm going to want to get more this year for sure. I know . . . it's only Halloween and I'm already thinking of Christmas gifts. Let me know!

Mauss Memories said...

I can't get over that pumpkin! Wish I could have seen it in person.

The Shirley Family said...

I have to agree that October is the best month!! Tim loves Halloween too, at least now he does :) That butt pumpkin is awesome!