Sunday, September 9, 2007

Trimming the Tree

A couple days ago a nasty wind storm came through Salt Lake. Jake and I were watching on the news about all the huge trees that fell over. We looked down our street and saw a few branches that had fallen off the good old Sugarhouse trees but nothing soo exciting. We were glad none of our trees had been hit by mother nature. Well - the next morning we opened the blinds in our room that lead to the back yard - and it looks like we lost a few branches ourselves! We have this great Elm tree in our backyard that we LOVE. It provides so much shade to the house. But as you can see below - we lost a few major branches! At least the tree didn't fall down. O well, we wanted to get the tree trimmed anyway:)


The LeRoy's said...

Sorry about the trees Teylor. At least nobody was hurt!

B&B said...

YES! You need to come visit! It's cooling off now...thank goodness! I don't think you'd melt anymore! We have so much fun reading all about your new experiences...keep posting!